List of Contributors (Hand)

The final version of this book was produced by editing, refining and merging raw chapters posted on the OrthopaedicsOne wiki. The following authors listed below generously contributed to these raw chapters, and even more generously allowed their work to be edited, refined and merged (according to the overall needs of the project). Without a doubt, their efforts were the sine qua non of the final product.

Joshua Abzug

Joseph Bernstein

Shawn Boomsma

Martin Boyer

David Bozentka

Michael DelCore

George Dyer

Christina Endress

Mitchell Farag

Warren Hammert

Julie Johnson

David Jones

Sanjeev Kakar

Lana Kang

Jaehon Kim

Thomas Kim

Dominic Kleinhenz

Amy Ladd

Dawn LaPorte

Fraser Leversedge

Scott Lifchez

Alejandro Marcano

Carissa Meyer

Kenneth Milligan

Michael Murphy

Michael Pouliot

Sara Putnam

Julie Samora

Alex Shin

Christian Veillette

Ashley Walker

Ariel Williams

Jennifer Wolf

Editorial Assistance

We are grateful for the expert editorial help provided by Megan Flinner,

Cover Art

Cover art designed and donated by:
Louis C. Okafor, MD
[email protected]
Department of Orthopaedic Surgery
Johns Hopkins Hospital

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