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Orthopaedia is produced by The Codman Group (an IRS-approved public charity) in collaboration with the United States Bone and Joint Initiative and the Community of Musculoskeletal Educators. Orthopaedia aims to serve as a free, up-to-date, peer-reviewed open educational resource for students and practitioners, there by improving the welfare of patients.

The text that follows was produced from material posted by members of the community on a wiki residing at The content posted there was edited, peer reviewed and then collected into the book you are now reading. We encourage users to visit the site and improve the content there; the updated wiki pages will be the basis for all subsequent editions--after peer review, of course.

Please visit to join the community and help with this work.

Dan Jacob
President, The Codman Group

Joseph Bernstein, MD, FACS
Christian Veillette, MD, FRCS(C)
Musculoskeletal Medicine Series Editors

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