Contributing Editors (Pediatrics)

The final version of this volume was produced by editing, refining and merging the work of the contributing editors listed below. These experts generously produced the first drafts of the chapters, and even more generously allowed their work to be edited, refined and merged, according to the overall needs of the project.

Jaysson T. Brooks MD

Michael S Hughes MD

Alexa Karkenny MD

Katherine M. Krenek MD

Matt Landrum MD

Chris Makarewich MD

Alejandro Marquez-Lara MD

Tyler C McDonald MD

Daniel J Miller MD

Amir Misaghi MD

Susan E Nelson MD MPH

Jennifer O’Donnell MD

Neeraj M Patel MD MPH MBS

Brian Piazza MD

Sean Rangwani BA

Ishaan Swarup MD

Arianna Trionfo MD

Jordan Vokes MD

Margaret Wright MD

Managing Editor

We are grateful for the expert editorial help provided by Megan Shane,

Cover Art

Cover art designed and donated by:
Louis C. Okafor, MD
[email protected]
Premier Orthopedics
Miami Valley Hospital South

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